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This luxury sleepout and accompanying garage big enough to house a Sealegs boat was our starting point at this stunning beach front location. As the new dwelling began to take shape the project was expanded to include a refresh and some enhancements to parts of the existing modern beach house and landscaping works to connect each of the buildings with the beach. All achieved and conducted with clients located overseas.

The sleepout is a two storey building featuring three bedrooms, a bathroom and an open lounge area all contained within a premium modern structure. The high quality finish and specifications of this unique build included several standout features. The custom made garage door that is nestled below a cantilevered floor, navigating 107 degree corners to disappear seamlessly behind a wall. The bespoke driveway that connects the buildings with the environment was created from a custom made mix achieved after testing hundreds of different samples and mixes to closely recreate the colours and textures of the beach.

The result – an integrated set of buildings that work seamlessly with the confines of their environment and where every element inside and out was singularly designed to deliver specific outcomes.

ARCHITECT   Daniel Marshall Architects

PLANNER   Wendy Baverstock

ENGINEER   Sullivan Hall


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