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About Dash Build

DASH Build is an all inclusive high end construction solution for those looking to translate cutting edge design into luxury homes and buildings. With each project as unique as the owners and designers we build them for, we thrive when challenged with the 'hard to do'.

Though our operation extends nationwide, we are currently established across Waiheke Island, Tara Iti, Mangawhai, Auckland and Omaha, with the ability to mobilise and tackle projects wherever they are required.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do, through our constant strive for the best. From our workmanship through to our customer experience, we love to exceed expectations anywhere possible and our team often go above and beyond for our clients.

Learn more about our specialised process and see what makes DASH different, from the start of your project right through to completion.




Our strong family culture represents the support and trust you get from DASH. Our positive outlook and how we go above and beyond translates into all aspects of our projects and builds lasting relationships with everyone involved.


We are constantly adapting, upskilling & growing. Never sitting stagnant.


Quality & Integrity are values that we take into all aspects of what we do. Our DASH family takes pride in providing high quality, bespoke projects that we stand behind. By holding integrity as one of our core values, people are confident to put their trust in us.


Clear open communication is important to us because this is the key tool needed in forming lasting relationships and delivering high-end projects. 


Through an ever changing industry, we endeavor to be at the forefront of sustainable practices. We also embrace this value through our relationships; we invest in our clients, staff and suppliers.

We focus on ensuring that DASH Build continues to evolve and grow by being a purpose & quality driven, values led company, with the best culture, people, leaders, communication, infrastructure and supply chain.


Every great project starts with a breathtaking location. With our knowledge and experience,  we can help you find your dream section to complement the style of build you are after. The intricacies of certain sites help us to gauge the correct architects and consultants you need in order to streamline the process.


Early engagement allows us to give an accurate timeline, price and programme for any build pre-consent. This way, we absorb the stress of knowing what and who is required for a project before it’s begun. We work alongside a very competent group of specialists and consultants on a regular basis, this allows our clients to have full transparency across the board and confidence in the accuracy of our reporting and communication along the way.


Having the right architect is crucial from the start, translating what you envision for how your home will look and feel into a standing structure. Putting your ideas onto paper and making them work with your site is no easy task, we work with a range of world class architects so we can recommend the right team for your project.


We construct complex and unconventional structures to the highest specification. Our experienced team takes pride in our attention to detail and willingness to innovate where possible. We will take on any challenge and thrive, our problem solving and initiative capabilities allow for creative ideas and complex engineering to come to life.


We can tailor our reports to suit the level of involvement you want. We project manage internally and provide you with full transparency across the programme and price of your project. Our management also extends to our network of expert sub-contractors, offering a reliable project workflow.  Our relationship with our clients can extend beyond the move in date; if you’re looking for ongoing maintenance, or require further evolution on your build, we do it all.


Our in-house design team can recommend and source high end finishes locally and abroad. Whether you have a look in mind or need help deciding, we can create unique spaces using the right materials and innovative design.



Which is at the heart of everything we do. We translate cutting edge design into luxury homes that are as individual and unique as the owners we build them for. No cookie cutter homes to be found around here. 


Which talks to the uniqueness and challenge that we love about every new project. We thrive on bringing those complex and unconventional builds to life and focus on the details that take a home from being good to great.  


Which is not just about the products and processes that we use, it’s also how we view the relationship we have with our customers. We’re in it for the long haul not the short haul and we work with you to build a home to last.  


Which describes the end result for each and every-one of our builds. We only work with high quality materials and products which means your dream home or renovation is completed to an impeccable standard and with a high-quality finish.


At DASH Build we’re invested in our people. We understand that our team is the face of our brand which is why we’re focused on building a great team of highly skilled professionals. We are committed to developing their skills through experience and provide them with training and coaching to help them become great communicators and leaders. We are focused on creating an unrivaled culture and love nothing more than infectiously happy work sites.

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