Scott's Landing


For a premium property in Scotts Landing, Dash Build was asked to create a luxurious atmosphere for a new outdoor entertainment and pool area. The challenge was to design this area separate from the house, yet without obstructing views from the home.


The result is a relaxing and welcoming outdoor space, with materials chosen specifically to fade into and complement the surrounding natural aesthetics, both ensuring low maintenance requirements and an appropriate look for the area.


The decking was created with Vitex wood – also known as Pacific Teak – for its soft grey hues and natural feel. This deck surrounds an inviting pool, and is canter-levered over the water for a subtle yet sophisticated design element.


A sunk-in spa adorns the back of the entertainment area with a chic pergola made from chunky band-sawn pine covering the tub.


The entire space is sophisticated, and seamlessly blends into the surrounding New Zealand scenery for a cohesive and inviting outdoor area perfect for entertaining and enjoyment throughout the year.


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