Height Check NZ

At Dash Build Ltd we pride ourselves on innovation and are always striving to bring ideas into reality. We are constantly looking for new things to create to help people get ahead or integrate safety into their workforce. 

Our latest project Height Check NZ is an app aiding in making the smartphone a tool in the Health & Safety Industry. We have designed a non profit application for New Zealand drivers and operators to use to check their height and weight limitations for vehicle road use. The app has been designed to make our roads safer by creating a user friendly free application, designed with more accuracy than current height check cameras that are expensive and have surrounding issues with inaccurate readings.

We were inspired to develop this app as an extra safety precaution for us while transporting our small dwellings that we custom design and build. Instead of keeping it for private use, we have launched it to the public, and is available for free download via the app store.

Any comments or input in the help to improve this application are welcome as we are always striving to refine and enhance all areas of our work.